A Little Piece of Me

What about Carly?

Carly is passionate about dancing and writing and hopes to pursue a career in both fields. As a freelance dancer, she is able to work with fellow dancers and creative artists. She hopes to take grande jetes of faith into the dance world and hold nothing back.

Where has she studied dance?

Carly began dancing at age 11, with Northern Valley Competition Dance Team. She was on the team for 3 years but had never received formal training. Her first time in a dance studio was at age 15, in which she took Hip-Hop. She then tried Ethnic Fusion and wanted to learn more styles of dance. By her senior year of high school, she had taken Hip-Hop, Ethnic Fusion, Jazz, and 1 year of ballet. Not much training! Carly was determined to grow as a dancer and with a bit of natural talent and pure drive she became a dance major at Long Island University. As a recent graduate, she has studied ballet, pointe, modern (Cunningham), West African, tap, and jazz. Away from her studies, she has trained at Alvin Ailey Extension and Broadway Dance Center where she has grown in Horton, contemporary, ballet, and hip-hop. There's always room to grow, and Carly is continually taking class and pursuing her dreams of dance.

Any fun facts about Carly?

In 1 sentence, Carly is a talkative, quirky, sensitive young woman with an infectious smile and love for life, dance, the New York Jets, and Spongebob Squarepants. *mypointetaken*